Our Features

CV Builder helps Job seekers to create CVs/Resumes with suggestions throughout the process, it contains  750+ Job titles  10000+ Job responsibilities  500+Skill set  Multiple templates And Create Covering Letter for each Job specification.

Intelligent Recruiting

Intelligent recruitment process with the assistance of AI and Machine Learning makes recruitment process and generating quality hiring reports 1. efficient 2. less time consuming 3. cost-effective

A User Friendly System

Simple UI design and a step-by-step guide helps the user to easily navigate through the system and obtain desired results. Enables instant download and sharing.

Quick and Precise Results

Built to give its users authentic, accurate and appropriate output. Extracts data and gives exact results in just a few seconds on the basis of keyword ranking.

Security and Reliability

Independently run application assuring complete security to its users. User information in the form of uploaded and reviewed documents can't be saved automatically. The user can only save them manually if and when prompted.

Supporting multiple Formats

Lets you upload files in formats such as .pdf, .docx, .txt and so on, both individually or in bulk.

Flexible Controls

Allows the user to choose a pre-defined weightage or input customized weightage for keywords and attributes. Provides users with saving, sharing and shortlisting options